Because of my travels and studio stays at artist in residence programs in India between 1992 and 1998, I started to photograph. I became fascinated by the other religions, the lifestyles which this imposes on the people of India. The colorful and meaningful rituals they perform in their daily habits made me decide to change photographing into filming. Movement and time became important to me. I could express in a direct and communicative way the subjective experience I felt. I got more power over space, action and reaction.


Back in the Netherlands, I started editing with Frans Zwartjes.This resulted in an inspiring track of courses, TV work, editing, teaching staff commissions and the creation of my own documentaries and art videos.

  • 2010 freelance editor at Omroep Gelderland From
  • 2004 freelance editor, among others for TV West
  • 2000-2004 TV editor (Avid Composer & AvidXpress) at TVWest, The Hague (parttime) 2000 4 months internship at TVWest, camera & editing on AVID
  • 2000 Photo & Video School, Rotterdam, Adobe Premiere
  • 1999 Photo & Video school, Rotterdam course ‘Making Documentary ‘ (linear svhs)
  • 1998 ‘Vrije Academie’, Audiovisual Arts with Frans Zwartjes (Umatic)
  • 2013 ‘Tracing the Stomping Bride’- artvideo commissioned by the municipality of Zutphen for Hanzendagen
  • 2014 Lubeck. Theme: back to the future.
  • 2011 ‘Language as a Sign of Time’, promotional film of cultural institutions Zutphen, with   R. Overweg and F. Buttinger
  • 2010 ‘Crown (Up and Down)’, art video by CD Sparks by J.Bonsel & J. Rebbe
  • 2010 ‘Touch Your Worlds’, editing the videoreport of the working visit in Satu Mare, European Union twinning program Zutphen, J. Bonsel
  • 2010 ‘Playful’, community art project Adriaan Nette
  • 2009 ‘Welcome to my Studio’, community-art project Adriaan Nette
  • 2009 ‘Dreaming Women’, part of the community-art project by Adriaan Nette
  • 2009 ‘Truth or Fake’, Manifestation Nargile Nights, Riverenbuurt Deventer iov Sikko Cleveringa
  • 2007-09’The Art of Continuïty’ research documentary about artists Society Pulchri Studio The Hague
  • 2005-2007 Lecturer ‘install with adobe Premiere Pro 1.5’, SODH
  • 2005 Editor, 2 documentaries from Tamar de la Rive Box
  • 2004-2005 Teacher ‘Making TV-items’ at Stadsomroep The Hague
  • 2004 ‘Op Trek’,registration and assembly Forum foundation, The Hague
  • 2004 Documentary, exhibition and symposium ‘The Wall in Palestine’, Vrije Academie of Fine Arts, The Hague
  • 2003 Lecturer workshop ‘Making Documentary’ at the Vrije Academie of Fine Arts, The Hague
  • 2002 broadcast of my documentary ‘With My eyes open’, in Macedonia by National Television
  • 2002 Broadcast my documentary ‘With my eyes open’ (25 min.) By TVWest
  • 2001 ‘Travel out of a nightmare’, video performance (10 min.) at the Vrije Academie of Fine Arts, The Hague
  • 1999 ‘Knowing / forgetting’, installation with 8mm film, Arti & Industrea, The Hague
  • 1998 ‘Try out’, book and film installation, Stream HCBK, Touissantkade, The Hague